How to have 1 Crore to 10 Crore in bank account
with your little salary
by managing money through strategies

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There is alot of financial information on Google, Youtube, News Papers, WhatsApp. But still many people getting cheated by many fradusters and many people taking wrong financial decisions due to lack of financial literacy.

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"Managing Money is more important
than earning more money"

Vaasu Challa, CEO & Founder

Stop investing on everything that gives more returns without financial knowledge, you can get scammed.

Who is this webinar for

Why Certified Financial Planners don't work for middle class Part 1

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What 90% of people do

They just think, dream and talk about money management and wealth creation

Where Most People Fail

  • No Savings

    “90% of people fail to manage the money”. This is not because of low earning, loan issues or monthly expenses. It is because of a lack of budget planning, financial knowledge, money management & self education. (At last sooner or later, you’ll end up with fear, depression and many loans & debt )

  • No Financial Goals

    Most people fail to set proper Financial Goals because they think it is not an important factor, consumes a lot of time, and is too technical. ” Break your middle-class mindset, or else your dreams to become Rich will be just a dream” (At last, you’ll be stuck with overspending habit with the same level of EMI & loans)

  • No Investments

    Most of the people day-dream to become rich without investing on something from their savings. This is because of unawareness of rich mindset, financial knowledge, expert guidance & Investment opportunities (At last you work forever like robot, depending on one stream of income, impossible to achieve your desired lifestyle)

Why Certified Financial Planners don't work for middle class part 2

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Break from Debt Traps and Financial Problems, Experience How Financial Freedom look like

How this program will help you

our salaries are fixed, But expenses are not fixed. In this webinar going to explain How to become rich with your salary even it is low…!

Risk is directly proptional to reward. The more risk we do the more returns we get. In this webinar going to explain how to change that.

Anyone can become rich if they already have 50Lakh or 1crore. Because money makes money. Here in the webinar going to explain even if you dont have huge money and depending on salary.

In the webinar going to discuss, How to over come all these and make 15% intrest rate.

Because earning and salary might be different but managing money is same for everyone. You must do it.

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Meet Your Coach

Vaasu Challa

CEO & Founder, Happycoin

Vaasu Challa (CEO & Founder of Happycoin), is a former financial adviser, business coach, political consultant, and author of 2 bestselling books “The Secrets in Money Management”, “Master The Problem Solving”.

After working for different industries like Pharma, BPO, Software, Vaasu Challa was introduced to financial industry accidentally in 2014. Immediately, he fell in love with the world of finance.

Later after establishing himself as a professional financial adviser, Vaasu started to realize that many of his fellow Indians were making the same financial mistakes over and over.

After working with clients from major Banks and Insurance Companies, Vaasu also started to understand how big corporations take advantage of Middle-Class Indians’ poor financial awareness.

In 2017, Vaasu Challa decided that he had seen enough. Utilizing his skills as a financial adviser and business coach, Vaasu founded Happycoin.

Today, Happycoin exists to help middle-class Indians just like you improve their financial literacy and financial decision making. More importantly, Vaasu makes it his life’s mission to help fellow Indians master the science of getting rich themselves.

He Is Working On A Mission Is To Turn 1 Lakh Middle-Class Families To RICH By Providing The Right Financial Education & By Showing The Right Investment Opportunities. 

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