What You Must Know About Governments Today…!

Do you think governments are not supporting you?

Do you think governments are collecting more taxes from you? Direct and indirect?

Do you think governments failed to control private school/college fees ?

Are you in confusion why governments keep increasing diesel petroleum prices?

Are you in confusion why governments Ignoring development of government hospitals & Schools?

Are you unable to understand why governments focussing on freebees for poor instead of creating jobs and creating wealth?

Are you unable to understand why the quality of life is getting reduced day by day to Retired people? Small Scale workers and small job holders?

For All these questions I have answers. 

But as I know you also busy; I will go overview of the problem instead of eating your time.  

Do you know governments work for POOR and RICH but not for middle class. Reason is poor people vote for governments, Rich people give party funding for elections. 

In this world every one is selfish including governments. 

How to find the political party which I am supporting is Good or Bad? 

Just look at their spending on EDUCATION and HEALTH. You can easily differentiate the party which is working for development of country and for votes. 

Its all irrelevant to the job which i am doing now. But I am explaining these because your money is getting effected directly or indirectly through these. 

If governments dont provide quality education; You need to spend that money on private schools for your kids. If governments dont provide quality health care, You need to take money out of your pocket when you/your family member get sick. If government dont control diesel and petrol prices. All the items which needed transport will rise (Ex: Vegetables,Electronics, Household items, Goods). All above things take money from your pocket. 

What You should do now?

Blaming the government or shouting at it or discussing with friends dont give any results. Its true you cant control the government. If you want to control its like trying to control the RAIN. 

If you getting rain outside; Dont try to stop the rain. Use umbrella or rain coat. 

Not only these; There are heavy taxes on you while you earning money and while spending money too. First one is called direct tax which is applicable on your Earnings(TDS or Yearly Tax Fillings). Second is indirect tax, Its applicable while you buying a product or service. Example GST. You may be buying rice, dal, spices or using airtel, vodafone sim or using internet or electricity. There are taxes on everything. 

You cant control and cannot escape from these. The only thing required is YOU SHOULD GROW FINANCIALLLY. Dont depend on governments for any.  I will teach you how to do that step by step.

As you know I am CEO of Happycoin. I would like to gather like minded people and would like to give service to them. 

If you wish to join in our community read/watch/know about me completely. If you feel I am genuine and If you feel I can help you grow financially join with us. 

I do charge fee but you will get minimum 10 times of the returns for the fee which you paid to me. 

Finally I would like to say about my company mission.  Its “Turning 1Lakh Middle Class Families to Rich” . I started my company in 2017 and served more than 2000 people directly on their finances and gave financial education to more than 11,500 customers as of March2020. 

Thank You,

Vaasu Challa

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