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Master the science of getting rich and elevating your lifestyle

Here at Happycoin, we provide life-changing financial guidance that is tailored specifically to Indian Middle-class people, Small businesses, and Entrepreneurs.


We help you master the science of getting rich, by unleashing your talents and by connecting you with India’s leading financial mentor, Vaasu Challa.

Meet our ceo

Who is Vaasu Challa?

Vaasu Challa (CEO & Founder of Happycoin), is a former financial adviser, business coach, political consultant, and author of 2 bestselling books “The Secrets in Money management”, “Master The Problem Solving”.

After working for different industries like pharma, bpo, software, Vaasu Challa was introduced to financial industry accidentally in 2014. Immediately, he fell in love with the world of finance.

Later after establishing himself as a professional financial adviser, Vaasu started to realize that many of his fellow Indians were making the same financial mistakes over and over.

After working with clients from major banks and Insurance companies, Vaasu also started to understand how big corporations take advantage of middle-class Indians’ poor financial awareness.

Vaasu Challa & Happycoin

In 2017, Vaasu Challa decided that he had seen enough. Utilizing his skills as a financial adviser and business coach, Vaasu founded Happycoin.


Today, Happycoin exists to help middle-class Indians just like you improve their financial literacy and financial decision making. More importantly, Vaasu makes it his life’s mission to help fellow Indians master the science of getting rich themselves.

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A true one of a kind - wealth guru

To date, no other financial industry insider anywhere in India has attempted to do what Vaasu is doing. As he sees it, Vaasu is here to help his fellow Indians achieve life-changing financial freedom. The only question is, could Vaasu help you change your life?

Start learning how to transform your financial future with Vaasu today.


Master the science of getting rich with Vaasu by clicking below to become part of the Happycoin family.

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