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Highlights : 

In this workshop we are going to explain:-

> How to become rich with your salary even it is low

> How to become rich without huge money and Knowledge on it. 

> How to do best investments without any RISK. And much, much more


1) Rich Mean In Happycoin terms 1 to 5 Crores in 10,20,30 years of time.

2) Managing Money Mean – Keeping right portion of amounts in right financial instruments like Insurance, Banks, Mutual Funds, Shares…etc. 


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A Letter to Middle Class

Dear Middle Class,

Ever wondered why most of the middle class employees income is over by middle of every month despite good income?

Then, I have some good news for you.


After working for 2000+ customers on money management, I have found out that there are few mistakes every middle class employee doing with their finances and because of those mistakes they losing money every month.

What are that Blunder Mistakes?

> Buying Life Insurance as an Investment, Tax saving Instead of protection.

> Investing for Taxes in the Financial Year End Instead of planning from Start.

> Saving money for long term goals, Investing money for Short term goals.

> Not making saving as a habit.

> Buying House with less than 40% down payment and Thinking Its ASSET

> Too much depending on Loans and Credit cards

> Not having proper financial planning.


Like above there are many mistakes Middle class people do, Because of that they staying in middle class or going down to poor.

To solve this problem and to make people financially strong I have created “Money Shield”, If any one follows that formula, They never be in middle class.  

SUPRIYA: Currently one of our customer. Two years back she came to us with depression. Actually She is from Higher middle class family and Joint family. All the people in house are high salaried. In her house everybody asks her to maintain House & Money but no one give at least Rs.1000 for her expenses.

She worried and thought of going to job – We guided her on few money management strategies with that she earning 15K to 25K every month Without even working for 1 hour.

Rajesh: He is working for a pharma company and earning 35K per month. But every month salary is over by 10th every month. Don’t even know where his money is going. He didn’t trust us initially and came to us with lot of questions.

We worked with his money and gave a unique strategy, with that he can have 50 Lakhs in his bank account by 2030, He will be out of all loans and credit cards by 2020 December.

It’s the story of just 2 people. Like this many people got guidance and felt happy with us(You can google “happycoin Hyderabad reviews”)

For solving these kind of issues, We created a solution “Unique 5 STEP METHOD”  which exactly work on financial problems of middle class and solve it 100%(Again we telling its 100%) and People never get into any financial problems in their life time. We strongly believe that no other solution on top of it in entire INDIA currently.

If you are interested to know what is “Unique 5 STEP METHOD” is and How it solves middle-class financial problems, Please attend this expert webinar by clicking “Register Now” Button.

Until now approximately 5000+ people attended this webinar and gained financial knowledge drastically.

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If you are serious about your life and never get into any kind of financial problems in your entire life, then this is an online Webinar you should not miss.

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Thank You,

Vaasu Challa, CEO Happycoin